At about 19:10 p.m上海贵族宝贝女神会所. on January 8, a gas leak occurred on the 4th floor of Building 13, Rongxin Lane, Bayi Road, Xigang Distric Gas explosion occurred in the process of checking the gas leak point, which injured 9 people. All of them were sent to the he was no life danger. All the residents in the corridor had been evacuated. At present, there was no open fire on the scene. Secretary Tan Zuojun of the Dalian Municipal Committee and Mayor Tan Chengxu of the Munici pal Government gave the first instructions, demanding that all efforts be made to treat the wounded, identify the causesRead More →

Living in the Duj上海419品茶微信iangyan base of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, which trains pandas to su rvive in the wild, Wuyi now weighs 132 kilograms, according to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. “When experts and keepers saw the cub weighing 42.8 grams on Tuesday, all of them were shocke d and were very nervous because its weight was well below average,” Zhang said. The base set up a panel of experts who are proficient in nursing panda cubs to attend to it round-the-clock. Although it is in stable condition, there are still many uncertainties, and experts and vets areRead More →

The safety of mountaineers in China’s recently concluded Qomolangma climbing season, which saw 241 climbers scale the peak from t he Chinese side, was ensured through good management practices, the government of the Tibet autonomous region said on Friday. Twelve Chinese mountaineers, 21 Chinese guides, 94 foreign mountaineers and 108 Sherpa guides made it to the summit from April 10 to May 30, according to the Tibet Mountaineering Association. Two alpinists, however, have become the victims on the north face of th e mountain in Tibet’s Dingri county, resulting from the extreme physical demands. “Mountaineering is a high-risk sport, and safety is the priority,” saidRead More →

also partnered with local authorities in Hefei to test autonomous driving technologies, including robotaxis and autonomous fleet management, and on-de mand mobility services, like ride hailing and car sharing, but none of the parties revealed the details. Kong Xuanyou, vice-foreign minister and special representative of the Chinese government on Korean Peninsula affairs, will take up his new post as Chinese ambassador to Japan on Thursday. Kong, 59, is a fluent Japanese speaker. During his 34-year diplomatic care er, he has spent two-thirds of the time dealing with issues related to Japan. He has served in Chinese diplomatic missions in Japan on three occasions, and wasRead More →

 the big data industry and is willing to share opportunities of the dig ital economy’s development with other countries and jointly explore new growth drive rs and development paths by exploring new technologies, new business forms and new models, Xi added. With increasingly wider applications of digital technologies in China, the country is expected to genera te and store 27.8 percent of global online data by 2025, up from 23.4 percent last year, according to a re port by market researcher International Data Corp and data storage firm Seagate. In comparison, the US share will stand at 17.5 percent by 2025, a drop from itsRead More →

According to locals like Ahmat, the Lop Nur people fished for food in the area famous for the vast Lop Nur lake, where historically the Tarim River ended. The lake dried up not long after the water in the river had gone. As such, many fishermen packed away their rods and instead pursued herding and farming. “When I was a child, I never ate fish. Nor did I ever see my grandfather or father go fishing,” says Ahmat. When the ‘black storms’ struck, I could see nothing, and the shee p couldn’t find their way home,” he recalled of the sandstorms in the old days.Read More →

nced that when conditions are right, artificial means will be used to make rain. Chen Lijuan, the chief weather forecaster of the National Climate Center, sai d rain is on the way to the northeast and will arrive next week. That should alleviate the drought, but dry conditions will continue to make things worse in Yunnan, she said. Zhou Wenyi, a 26-year-old from Kunming, Yunnan province, said that the weather is very strange this year. “The climate of Yunnan is kind of like the southeastern Asian countr ies, where April and May are the two hottest periods before the rainy season arrives. The hig hestRead More →

Wang Xudong, director of the Palace Museum, says it’s a duty for museums to provide a platfo rm for scholars to exchange their academic findings, for artists from different cultural back grounds to show their work and boost mutual respect, and for children to pass traditions into the future. The latest figures from the National Cultural Heritage Administration show China had 5,354 mu seums by the end of 2018, and museums across the country held some 26,000 exhibitions in 2018 and received 1.126 billion people, an increase of 30 percent and 16 percent, respectively. The International Council of Museums organized the annual Inte rnational MuseumRead More →

 incomparable contributions to museums and culture worldwide will leave an indelible legacy. In 1983, he accepted the Pritzker Architecture Prize here at The Met, s aying: ‘Let us all be attentive to new ideas, to advancing means, to dawning needs, to impetuses of change so that we may ac hieve, beyond architectural originality, a harmony of spirit in the service of man,” read The Met’s official Twitter account. “For this Chinese-American growing up in the DC area, the East Win g of the National Gallery of Art was an extraordinarily special place. A mon ument ot beauty and to the possibilities of being an immigrant.Read More →

Being one of the earliest human settlements and a major birthplace of human civilization, Asia takes up one third of the total land o n Earth, has two thirds of the global population, and consists of 47 countries and more than 1,000 ethnic groups. Asian people have made incredible cultural achievements over the past thousand s of years and they have started cultural exchanges and mutual learning since the early days. Asian people’s aspiration for better life should become reality Geographically and culturally connected, Asian countries have experienced similar historical situations and pursue the same dream. Facing future, Asian countries should grasp overall situation andRead More →