Yang managed a couple with a son away to the police.MiaoZhiYong perturbation Beijing, chengdu on January 26 (MiaoZhiYong) in the home busy preparing bazhong, sichuan province b azhou area residents Yang is a special purchases, if so-and-so couples who didn’t dream of, been abducted son of 18 ye ars “trafficking” under the bazhou district public security bureau police escort, a few days ago appeared in front o f his life.18 years of loss of a child and long for, meet in the moment, Yang shed tea rs of excitement for some couples, holding the son for a long time not loosen. 10 PM on JanuaryRead More →

  Exobiology member of the New Year’s day has just released this month relationship KAI (KAI), and JENNIE was rev ealed today BLACKPINK members have parted, and respond to SM, said “K AI, JENNIE did recently broke up.”YG response also confirmed that two people break up.So far, two public 25 days, split.   KAI with JENNIE was reported on January 1, relationship, the two sides are adm itted in the near future.And, according to people familiar with the KAI with JENNIE recently decided to end the rel ationship, the relationship between the return to the past before the next, break up reason is that they both thinkRead More →

  Before the original title: tesla disc shares fell by more than 4%, the company will cut 7% full-time employees   On Friday, according to foreign media reports, tesla announced that will cut up to 7% of the full-time employees .Reported, the company will need to increase the output of the MODEL 3 jobs at the same time, in the next few months will have a lot of improvement of manufacturing facilities.   In addition, the company did not audit in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to GAAP) criterion of profit is positive, but less than in the third quarter.   The tesla dish before diving quickly, asRead More →

CCTV News: A gas leak in downtown Paris triggered an explosion, injuring at least 36 people and killing four, including two firefighters. (CCTV reporter Ma Jinjin) Earlier reports: Police in Paris reported that 20 people were injured in the accident, 2 of whom were in critical co ndition and 7 were seriously injured. At present, there is a tendency to regard explosion as an accident.Photo Source: Mirror [Suddenly! There was a serious explosion in the centre of Paris] French media reported that the Paris Police reported that a serious explosion occurred in nine distr icts of central Paris early on the 12th. The incident occurredRead More →

Recently, Liu Ye’s suit leather appeared at an event site. During the interval of the event, he took out the melon seeds from his pocket freely and began to sip them in public. One by one, Lin Zhiling, who was taking photos beside her, was very funny. Liu Ye finished eating melon seeds and put them back in his pocket silently. Liu Ye began her search in 2019, and netizens joked, “This is a man with melon seeds.” “It’s a cup and a melon seed. It feels like going to the neighborhood committee to have a meeting.” “Only know oneself eat, do not give ZhilingRead More →

A young life comes to an abrupt end, but life continues in another way. Recently, Wang Peng, a 19-year-old organ donor, successfully perf ormed one liver transplantation and two kidney transplantation in Landah Second Hospital, resulting in the birth of three patients with advanced organ failure. Wang Peng, 19, was in the Second Hospital of Lanzhou University for emergency treatment of cerebral hemorrhage. Alth ough the medical staff actively rescued for many days, the boys in ICU beds failed to overcome the disease eventually and the young life came to an end. “How many people can my child save?” Wang Peng’s father, Wang Jianzhong, learnedRead More →

In Tian Eye Check, the registration address of many health centers is very vague. Chongqing Morning Post, upstream journalist Liu Lilin Follow-up of Quanjian Therapy in Chongqing On January 4, the upstream news covered the situation of Quan Jianfeng Sanatorium located in Chongqing downtown area under the title of “Quan Jianfeng Therapy”, “Surrounding the City in Rural Areas” strategy failure, mostly in back streets and alleys. Among them, in the 25 health centers registered by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the registration addresses of many stores are very vague, and even the registration addresses have become other stores. In the navigation app, the Quan HealthRead More →

After the 2018 annual bill, Alipay launched another explosive news. According to Qi Xinbao information, Alipay (China) Information Technology Co., Ltd. was renamed Hanbao (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd., and its legal person changed from Ma Yun to Ye Yuqing. Analysis of reasons for renaming Alipay company We all think that the appellate company is commonly used by Alipay’s operation company, but it is not the case. Ant gold clothing responded by saying: This Alipay is not the other Alipay. Although they are all called Alipay, there are differences in their full names. Companies that have changed appeals are not commonly used by Alipay. RecentlyRead More →

According to Taiwanese media reports, Kim Kim, a member of the Korean men’s group JYJ, has been focusing on Japanese activities in recent years. He recently participated as a guest in the recording of the Japanese program Super Popular Legal Consulting Firm. He shared with Japanese artists Kenji Kanda, Yoshio Yoshida and Axiangri Suda, members of SKE48, the horror experience of illegitimate meals he had experienced. Jin Zhong said that he often had illegitimate meals breaking into his apartment and staying in the middle of the night. When he opened his eyes in bed, he saw the illegitimate meals looking at him. He said thatRead More →

Some netizens shared with you the photos when they met Yang Zi occasionally. At that time, Yang Zi was supposed to be taking pictures. Everyone’s focus was on Yang Zi’s background. The front of her face was fairy and beautiful, but the back of her flesh was bright. Yang Zi can be occasionally photographed, but also found the little secret of her figure, no wonder she herself is trying to lose weight. In the occasional photo, Yang Zi was wearing striped belt trousers and straw hat. It was very cool to watch. She was holding the swing and hiding behind the pillar. But what everyoneRead More →