China on Thursday urged the United Kingdom to respect China’s sovereignty and stop interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang made the remarks after the UK government released its latest six-monthly report on Hong Kong. “We urge the UK to face the reality that Hong Kong has returned to China for 22 years, respect China’s s overeignty, stop releasing relevant reports, and stop interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs,” Geng said at a press briefing. It is undeniable that the “one country, two systems” practice has achieved widely-acknowledged success, he said. “Hong Kong’s affairs have been entirely China’s internal affairs since July 1,Read More →

gic nature of the China-Italy relations in the long term, and comp rehensively elevate the level of their mutually beneficial cooperation, Xi said. China is willing to enhance high-level guidance with the Italian side, respect each other ‘s major concerns, jointly build the Belt and Road, explore cooperation with third parties, boost cu ltural exchanges and local-level cooperation, and strengthen popular support for bilateral relations, Xi said. The Chinese president stressed that in recent years, China’s National People’s Congress and the Italian Senate have established a regular exchange mechanism. China supports the two countries’ legislative bodies to carry out multi-level, wide-ranging and multi-channel exch angesRead More →

  edure, the government could not repeatedly put a motion before lawmakers if it had been previously rejected in the same session.   May’s deal suffered a second, crushing defeat last week when it was rejected by 149 votes.   ”What the government cannot legitimately do is resubmit to the House the same pr oposition — or substantially the same proposition — as that of last week, which was rejected by 149 votes,” Bercow said in an unannounced statement on Monday.   Third time lucky for Theresa May’s Brexit vote?   Bercow said that, in his view, the first two motions on May’s Brexit deal were sufficiently different not toRead More →

  senior woman, will leave parliament altogether at the next election, which is due before the end of May.   When the Liberal Party moved to oust sitting prime minister Turnbull last August, Bishop wa s ahead in several public opinion polls. But her leadership bid was blocked when Bishop received the fewest votes from her party peers and Morrison was installed as Australia’s sixth leader in just over a decade.   On Friday, Morrison addressed his party’s efforts to remedy its bad-for-women repu tation, boasting: “I have been doing a bit of advancement of women lately myself. There are now sev en women in my cabinet, whichRead More →

demand for lifting the sanctions at one go, nor will Pyongyang dismantle all its nuclear facilit ies and destroy its nuclear weapons in compliance with Washington’s demand. Perhaps this lack of mutual trust prevented Kim and Trump from signing any agreem ents at their second summit. Or maybe they didn’t sign any agreements because the two sides had not m ade good preparations to reach consensuses on even very important issues. With no agreements planned in advance, all the problems were left for the two leaders to dis cuss and decide. And even if the two leaders have formed a good personal friendship, as TrumpRead More →

  The news that President Donald Trump walked away from negotiations with Nor th Korea early and empty-handed led many experts and lawmakers to heave sig hs of relief, even as the summit’s abrupt finale raises questions about where things go from here.   Many had worried that the President, eager to score a success and distract from damaging testimony by his former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, would make a deal that endangered Am erica’s national security and possibly decrease the chances of Pyonyang denuclearization.   According to people familiar with conversations among the President’s senior national security officials, Trump told so me advisers ahead ofRead More →

the Communist Party of China and the State Council, China’s cabinet, Chinese authorities will consolidate the produc tion capacity of such products as edible-oil crops and cotton through improving quality and efficiency. The nation will also improve the subsidy policy for soybean and corn producers this year, while also scaling up imports of agricultural products in shortage and diversifying import channels, the g uideline read. China will also cultivate a group of multinational agricultural enterprises. Jiao Shanwei, editor-in-chief of grain portal in Central China’s Henan Province, told the Global Times that the guide line, which is issued at the beginning of each year andRead More →

 Institute and vice president of the China Society of Economic Reform Structural reform on the supply side and the macro adjustment to the demand-side can be done at the same time. While we must push forward with reforms continuously, whenever there are econom ic fluctuations, it is still necessary to take some macro-control measures. That’s what developed countries and market-economy countries have done to stabilize their economies over the years. We can’t hold back some necessary adjustment me asures on the demand side just because supply-side reform fails to see results. We need action on both sides. When we discuss reforms, don’t forget that ifRead More →

pinnacle. Since the end of the 1980s, he had made his voice heard constantly and had been labeled the “CPC veteran cadre + CPC critic.” As a representative figure among veteran outspoken officials, he was hailed among Chinese liberals and Western public opin ion. Among his propositions, the most famous was opposing the construction of the Three Gorges Dam. Looking back on Li’s life, the prime of his life was embedded in the wave of the Chinese Revolu tion and the country’s early development; he suffered a lot during that period of time. In his later years, he participated in the creation of a specialRead More →

Tian Hongming, 67, has been dubbed the “last blacksmith by the fire” by the people of Changchun, capital of northeast China’s Jilin province. Having picked up the skill of forging iron at the age of seven from his grandfather, Tian has made a living from the skill for more than half a century. In the 1990s his business reached its peak, selling more than 80,000 iron products a year, Tian said. With increaed industsrialization and the cheaper and more intricate iron products it brought however, Tian and his workshop went into decline. Although fewer customers now choose handmade iron products, Tian sticks to the traditionalRead More →