hina Global Teleation on China-US trade negotia爱上海vision Network (CGTN) anchor Liu Xin has responde d on Twitter to an invitation from Fox Business Netwo rk host Trish Regan to join her show for a second time, saying she is likely to reply next week. “Hi Trish, thank you for your kind offer. We are going to spend the weekend celebrating the Dr agon Boat Festival. How about I get back to you next week ASAP?” Liu tweeted on Saturday. Earlier, Regan 上海龙凤公众号said on her tweet, “Hi Xin, are you up for Round 2? If so, I look forward to it — and to continue hearing allRead More →

quality food security system that is more efficient and more sustainable to guarantee the nation’s grain reserves, the statement sai The US government is the one to blame for its self-contradictory actions that have led to escalating trade frictions with China, the Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday. The US government has been sending self-contradictory signals, by saying that the two countries will soon reach an agreement and then saying that it is not ready, said Gao Feng, the ministry’s spokesman. US President Donald Trump said on Monday in Japan that Washington isn’t ready to strike a trade deal with China, but he’s leaving openRead More →

t area in North China, to conduct pilot reforms in its energy industry and take the lead in the whole country in areas suc h as promoting clean and low-carbon energy use and enhancing innovation in energy technologies, it said. Efforts should be stepped up to build a higher-level, higher-quality food s ecurity system that is more efficient and more sustainable to guarantee the nation’s grain reserves, the statement saidThe head of the US-China Business Council, whose members include major US chip makers that are suppliers to Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, said that the ban on the Chinese telecom giant would come at a coRead More →

ent Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s championing of Asian values as the ideal way to govern their countries. Lee and Mahathir maintained that in Asia, social order and strong governance are keys to a stable and wealthy society. This type of governance succeeded in fostering rapid growth in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and China. Sant arita said strong Asian leaders are effective because they serve their constituents and value mutual respect and discipline. Analysts said the Asian emphasis on community and harmony can help resolve some of the wo rld’s most pressing international issues such as territorial disputes, climate change and sustainable economic development. SantaritaRead More →

countries should be mindful of these projects’ impact on the environment and inhabitants. “It is encouraging that the government of China is taking proac­tive measures to ensure tha t the development of the Belt and Road Initiative is risk-informed and sustainable,” she added. “Disaster-proofing the world’s largest infrastructure initiative is a challenge, but achi evable,” she said, adding that at the heart of this challenge lies great potential for innovation and creativity, suc h as new disaster risk prediction and analysis, and disaster-resilient infrastructures. Huang Runqiu, vice-minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said disas ter risk reduction of natural hazards along the initiativeRead More →

he platform’s administrators failed to detect in time illegal user content, some of which seriously breached the law, the statement said. The company said it was not clear when the platform – which shut down April 11 for addres s the situation – will resume service, but that it will notify clients when this is confirmed. The punitive measures followed the false claims from the company regarding copy right of the recently released black hole picture, which angered a number of media platforms. The issue received public attention after the Chinese Communist Yo uth League accused Visual China of selling images of the national flagRead More →

 earn a decent salary, but many women now rank other factors higher, such as willingness to share housework and child care. Coontz said that the increasing inequality in society means that ma ny low-income individuals — male or female — aren’t seen as good marriage prospects. “Often, couples who are for each other will cohabit in order to save money or explore th eir relationship more,” she said. “But they hesitate to marry until they feel they h ave enough economic security to relieve them of the chronic stress that undermines relationships.” As women are becoming more self-reliant, the gap between their pay and men’sRead More →

have been launched, and the search area has been expanded from 1.1 square kilometers to 2 km, Cao Lubao, mayor of Yancheng, said at a news conference on Sunday afternoon. He said that more than 4,500 medical workers and 116 ambulances participated in the rescue work. The National Health Commi ssion sent 16 leading experts and Jiangsu sent 65 experts from the province’s renowned hospitals to treat the injured. “As of Sunday noon, 604 victims remain in 16 hospitals. Another 59 people have been discharged after treatment,” he said. Li Shaodong, deputy head of the Jiangsu Commission of Health, said specialized treatment plans have beRead More →

  uggle to find a place in the market considering the 11-inch iPad Pro is still a more powe rful option that also supports the pencil. The iPad Mini, however, could push a decent amount of people to upgrade.   ”There is certainly a market for the iPad Mini, especially among students and teens, but I don’t know for how long the upgrade cycle for it will be,’ Guenveur said. “I suspect it will do very well for one large upgrade cycle for the rest of the year and then slowly drop off.”   Correction: An earlier version of this story detailed incorrectly what ships with the newRead More →

  ue South Korean farming county, was a backwater until homegrown heroes the Garlic Girl s became breakout stars and curling silver medalists at last year’s Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.   In recent months the spotlight has again fallen on Uiseong for a far less glorious rea son: a smoldering mountain of garbage which highlights the trash crisis in the densely populated nation.   Among the rice paddies and beside the Nakdong River in the country’s east, a horseshoe-shaped, 170,000-ton heap of trash is spontaneously combusting, spe wing out plumes of smoke and the nose-scorching, chemical stench of burning plastic.   On a cold February morning, six workers wearing grimyRead More →