ut intercultural education. As John Dewey put it,” … education is 娱乐地图女神会所a regulation of the process of coming to share in the social consciousness; and that the ad justment of individual activity on the basis of this social consciousness is the only sure method of social reconstruction.”娱乐地图 Therefore, to prepare the young generation to act as competent global citizens of a community with a shared future for mankind, we have to sow in their hearts and minds the seeds of em 娱乐地图女神会所pathy, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, which will enable the community to constantly grow and flourish. As I understand it, intercultural education is notRead More →

other professional measure that relates to safety. Anyone without experience climbing mountains above 8,000 meters, and witho ut adequate capability for independent movement is not allowed on Mount Qomolangma,” he said. Both overseas and domestic climbers must apply as part of a team, not personally, he said. Tibet installed a new ladder in a section of the climbing route in 2017, and provided climb ing ropes as long as 6,000 meters along the path between a section at 6,600 meters and the summit at 8,844 meters. Cleanup efforts on the mountain involve both environmental considerations and climbing sa fety. The work has become routine, saidRead More →

ures market will help foreign investors optimize their renminbi-denominated asset portfolios as they can inc orporate investment targets of a wider variety, said Wang Tingting, an associate pro fessor of finance with the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing. “Moreover, as foreign investors’ trading helps boost liquidity in the domestic market and makes the price changes mor e consistent with international trends, domestic market participants can also better hedge against risks,” he said. Experts also expect China to open up the stock index futures market to foreign invest ors, as they have large exposure in the A-share market and are therefore in needRead More →

Research released by the International Monetary Fund on Friday showed that some of these tariffs hav e been passed on to US consumers, while others have been absorbed by importers leading to lower profit margins. US restrictions on high-tech exports to China will push up Washington’s trade deficit with China, an d rising prices could also reverse the low inflation in the US. Meanwhile, any speculative trading on the Chinese currency amid its depreciation pressure will “inevitably suffer from a huge loss”, Guo said in his speech. To eliminate bad outcomes from trade tensions, further opening-up in China’s services sec tor, together with high-tech developmentRead More →

 Commission said that more than 231,000 college students graduated from universities in Beijing last year, but 37.5 percent of employed graduates chose to work outside the capital. A female college student surnamed Zhang said that she chose to w ork in Wuhan, Hubei province, after graduating from Tsinghua University in June, 2018. “The biggest reason driving me away from Beijing was the living cost,” she said. “Tho ugh I can earn 8,000 ($1,160) or even 10,000 yuan a month in Beijing, the rent may cost me 3,000 yuan or more ea ch month, let alone other expenses such as meals, transportation and getting together withRead More →

enced the renminbi’s performance, said Wang Shengzu, co-head of Investment Strategy Group Asia Goldman Sachs. But the currency is unlikely to slip out of a reasonable range, assuming there is no big shock from the trade talks, Wang said. As a sound base for a stable renminbi, “the Chinese economy has shown sig ns of bouncing up, shown by the faster-than-expected growth of industrial output, ret ail sales, and credit in the first quarter, and this means that economic activity is improving with supportive pol icies”, said Wang.Liu Shiyu, China’s former top securities regulator, was under investigation for alleged violations of the law, according toRead More →

d an unfinished self-knitted sweater to a wedding dress and a tie with a lipstick mark, has in creased by threefold to more than 200. All the objects are left behind from breakups and donated by the public. People seem to find closure for a broken relationship by donating souvenir s from former lover, Kang Shidong, owner of the museum, told Shanxi’s news portal sxrb .com. He said a young man brought a bracelet and spent a whole afternoon writing a note, elaborating his love story. Besides closure, what surprises Kang is that some visitors fell in love after coming across each other at theRead More →

velopment of the region could play a vital part in leading regional growth, the statement said. It noted that the elevation of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta t o the status of a national strategy is a major decision adopted by the CPC Central Committee. Authorities in the four provincial areas must enhance their awareness of integrated development and boost their interaction and cooperation, it added. The meeting also decided to start a thematic education campaign of Party member s on the subject of remaining true to the Party’s original aspirations and keeping their mission firmly in mind. It called for strugglesRead More →

China will speed up building an integrated platform for e-government servi ces to offer easier access to the online services, according to the Ministry of Justice. The building of the integrated platform aims to standardize go vernment services nationwide, according to an official with the ministry. The country will facilitate information sharing among regions and departments at various levels, the official said. A system will be set up to enable enterprises and individuals to evaluate the government services they received, accord ing to the official, who added that efforts will be made to ensure the smooth operation of the integrated platform. In April, China’s StateRead More →

diversified needs of sports fans, which is conducive to soci al and economic development. Notably, the General Admi nistration of Sport has issued a document emphasizing the importance of planning in the development of the winter sports industry. For instance, some departments have made efforts to optimize their resources by building m ore winter sports venues so they can encourage more people to take up winter sports. The Beijing municipal government and Hebei provincial gov ernment have worked out policies to encourage more scho ol students to play winter sports, and take part in winter sports events on campuses. ash001.cnRead More →