The Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region experienced a travel boom 上海419from January to June, and the growth is projected to co ntinue through the rest of 2019, according to a recent report by the region’s government. The report said that in the first half of 2019, the region received abou上海419 t 76 million visits, up 46 per-cent year-on-year. Revenue generated by tourism exc 上海419品茶微信eeded 115 billion yuan ($16 billion), registering an increase of about 48 percent over the same period last year. Urumqi, Ili Kazak autonomous prefecture and Changji Hui autonomous pre fecture were the three hottest destinations for travelers in the past half year. YeaRead More →

r plant, said the four reactors are the world’s first-ever third-g 上海419eneration pressurized water reactors that are being built without any time overruns. Zheng Mingguang, president of Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Inst itute Co Ltd, an affiliate of the State Power Investment Corp, said China has accumulated precious experiences and上海419女神会所 capabilities in nuclear power project design, construction, and operation over the past few decades. By the end of June, China had 47 reactors in operation with a capacity of about 48.73 million kW, and the nuclear power 上海419plants produced about 160 billion kWh of electricity in the first half of 2019, up 23.09Read More →

 and valid for three years, it added.Wang Sixin, a professor of internet law at Communication University of China, said 上海419the regulation shows the country’s efforts and determination to clean up cyberspace. Wang said he regarded the regulation as an “upgraded version” of rules previously made by the adm上海419品茶微信 inistration, adding that the blacklist is urgently needed and necessary to improving the online environment. 上海419″In the past, the administration often launched campaigns agains t online violations and named violators, but some website operators and service suppliers d idn’t take it seriously, because the administrative punishments were not strong enough to affect their businesses,” he said.上海419品茶微信 “ButRead More →

 and Communications Technology, said the peak download speed of Huawei’s 5G model can hit 1,850 上海419megabits per second in lab tests, the fastest speed reported so far. It also performs very well in su pporting cloud gaming on smartphones, allowing consumers to play high-definition, sophisticated games re quiring big computing capability, traditionally available only on personal computers, Ma said.上海419 Mate 20X comes with a 7.2-inch screen perfect for gamers and entertainment bingers, Huawe 上海419i said. The model is priced at 6,199 yuan ($900) in China, far lower than industry experts’ forecasts, whi ch held that the first 5G models would run about 10,000 yuan dueRead More →

Around 4,000 university students have provided or will provide professional s ervices to visitors on a volunteer basis at the ongoing International Horticultural Exhi上海419 bition in Beijing’s Yanqing district during their summer break, Beijing Youth Daily reported. 上海419品茶微信These students from Beijing and Zhangjiakou, North China’s Hebei province, do th eir work in groups at the Beijing expo, where temperatures can easily exceed 30 C during the summer. Volunteers have little time to spend under the umbrellas, and keep busy giving directions to visitors under the sun. Wh上海419品茶微信 en it rains, they line up on both sides of the road to lead tourists to the nearestRead More →

oga Lin gave a show in Beijing recently as part of his Idol World Tour, wh ich he launched in 2018 at the Taipei Arena, to mark a decade in the music business. 上海419 For the Idol World Tour, Lin, 31, is music director. And he ha  上海419品茶微信s rearranged his hits and worked with multimedia artists to design the visual images. Meanwhile, the veteran-studded cast also includes actor Wu Gang, known for China’s all-time h 上海419 ighest-grossing film Wolf Warrior 2, and Taiwan actor Chin Shih-chie, a best supporting actor w  上海419品茶微信inner at Beijing International Film Festival for the martial arts film The Master in 2016. Separately, at a recent promotional eventRead More →

aged to stay afloat thanks to a raft of stimulus measures and a surge in Chinese demand for commodities, a new report by Deloitte Access Economics said on Monday.上海419品茶微信 While Australia has experienced falls in the real estate market, severe drought, stagnant wage gro 上海419wth and weak consumer spending over the past 18 months, strength in its robust resources sector has not waned. This, combined with record low interest rates and generous tax breaks that were introduced by t上海419 he newly-elected Morrison government should help keep Australia’s economy on track, Deloitte Ac cess Economics Partner Chris Richardson said in the firm’s latest Business Outlook forRead More →

ependent entity, the island leader Tsai Ing-wen and other DPP officials have intensified their pro-ind ependence activities, especially in the fields of education, culture and administration, sinc上海419 e she took office in 2016. In fact, Lai Ching-te, Tsai’s rival in the island’s next leadership election in January 2020, ope 上海419品茶微信nly pitched himself as a worker for “Taiwan independence” before stepping down as the head of the executive body. To send a clear message against secessionism to the Tsai admini stration and give a strong warning to separatist forces on the island, the mainland has h上海419 eld military exercises in the Taiwan Straits and sent warplanesRead More →

he Chinese climbers occupy 50 percent of my total client base in mountaineering,” Lakpa told Xinhua in an interview rece ntly. His company took nine Chinese climbers to the top of Mount Qomolangma this spring season. Lakpa feels that he has made himself recognized in China after working with many Chines上海419 e climbers over the years. In fact, it was difficult for him to communicate with Chinese climbers ini 上海419品茶微信tially because of language. “I used to rely more on sign language to communicate with them,” Lakpa revealed. Based on the advice of Chinese climbers, he learnt Chinese language which has been handy for hi mRead More →

ow the pace of 5G’s commercialization worldwide, including in the US. As a 5G technology leader, Huawei has set up 14 R&D and 36 joint innovation centers a 上海419round the world, joined more than 400 standards organizations, industrial alliances and open source communities. Also, nearly half of Huawei’s revenue comes from overseas and more than 70 percent of its employees are local recruit上海419 s. And 33 of its 92 core suppliers, as disclosed by Huawei late last year, are US enterprises including chip-making companies Broadcom, Qualcomm, Mi cron, Intel, Texas Instruments and NVIDIA Corporation, and software vendors Google and Microsoft.上海419 In 2018, Huawei spent $70Read More →