ger decline tha上海品茶微信女神会所n foreign films. Chinese films accounted for 54.8 percent of the total box office-while the number in 2018 was 63 percent-and domestic movies raked in 14.8 billion yuan, a fall of 17.5 percent compared to last year. At the Shanghai festival, which runs through Monday, seven top Chinese studio chiefs gathered for the first forum there to discuss the challenges ahead. Yu Dong, chairman and CEO of the Bona Film Group, says last year was “a severe winter” for the industry. Nearly half of the publicly-listed film companies saw their market valuations shrink. Following A-list actress Fan Bingbing’s tax scandal, China ordered filmRead More →

ologies to help g上海品茶微信女神会所rade papers and scan for errors, make suggestions, or notice when the students veer too far off topic. Similar projects are also in the works in the US, such as Gradescope, a n online grading application developed at the University of California, Berkeley, that clai ms to be able to grade exams, homework and code assignments in half the usual time. Beijing National Day School is arguably the most futuristic middle sc hool in China. The 67-year-old institution has no head teachers and no set classrooms. It also offers different schedules for every one of its 4,500 students, who can choose fromRead More →

First, China has undisputable sovereignty over islands and their s urrounding waters in the South China Sea, backed by a wealth of historical and legal basis,” Shao said. For a long period of time, various nations’ normal passage and flight in the region have never bee n obstructed. “There is no issue over the freedom of navigation and overflight in the South China Sea,” he said. However, the US has frequently sent vessels and aircraft to trespass into Chinese maritim e territory and airspace, and has conducted intense intelligence gathering and special drills in the region. “These actions damage the peace and security of theRead More →

tween the two countries have become firm and unshakable, with fruitful outcomes generated from pragmatic cooperation, Xi said. They have brought tangible benefits to the two peoples and made p ositive contributions to the stability and development in the region, he added. Both countries are at a cru2cial period in their development, Xi said, and bilateral cooperation has broad prospects. He said he considers Sino-Malaysian ties highly important and expressed hope that the two countries, taking the joint building of the B elt and Road as an opportunity, would strengthen synergies between their development strategies to inject new c ontent into the China-Malaysia comprehensive strategicRead More →

State Councilor and Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe will attend the Shangri-La Dialogue w hich is set to open on Friday in Singapore, said Senior Colonel Wu Qian, spokesman for the Defense Ministry. Wei’s attendance will be the second time China has sent its defense minister to the internati onal security forum held by London-based think tank the International Institute for Strategic St udies. The first time was in 2011, when General Liang Guanglie took part and delivered a speech. General Wei is scheduled to speak on China’s security cooperation with the international community and will meet heads of several foreign delegations to dis cussRead More →

The RMB’s daily trading reference, or the central parity for onshore trading, has been stabilized ar ound 6.89 per dollar for eight days from May 20, and market watchers said market-oriented depreciation pressure was losing steam. Yi Gang, the central bank governor, has said several times that the PBOC has ceased dir ect intervention in foreign exchange markets, and the performance of RMB is addressed mainly by market forces. General Wei Fenghe, China’s defense minister, will attend the coming Shangri-La Dialogue set to open on Friday in Singapore according to Senior Colonel Wu Qian, spokesman for the Defense Ministry. Wei’s attendance will be the secondRead More →

 on May 20 in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, during a three-day inspection tour. Xi learned about the rare-earth industry’s development in Ganzhou, a major producer of rare-earth resources and products in China. During the seven trading days from May 20 to Tuesday, the A-share listed company hit the 10 percent da ily upside limit six times, with its share price rising by 90 percent after closing on Tuesday. xperienced climbers and guides called for alpinists without adequate training to think tw ice before taking on the world’s highest peak, especially during a crowded climbing season. As of Tuesday, the death toll of climbers attempting to reachRead More →

dumping and anti-subsidy measures, have largely reduced China’s export to the country. Photovoltaic modules export to India also slumped 24.4 percent to 1.81 GW in the first quarter, as the Indian government ordere d that all photovoltaic modules for government and central public utilities projects should be 100 percent India-made. China’s top five photovoltaic modules exporters in value in the first quarter were Jinko Solar, J A Solar, Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, and Longi, taking up 12.8, 8.6, 8.3, 7.4, and 6.7 percent, resp ectively, of total export value. Export volume of the top 12 exporters took up 65 percent of total export, added theRead More →

awei from buying US technology without special approval, Huawei’s chipmaking arm, HiSilicon, said it has long been prepar ed for the “extreme scenario” of the US blocking access to some components and technologies. “We have been developing backup products for years in anticipa tion. … Such efforts can ensure the strategic safety of most of the company’s products and a continuous supply of most products,” said HiSilicon President He Tingbo in an internal letter. Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said at a news conference on F riday that the development and utilization of 5G depends on global cooperation, and int erference by the US underminesRead More →

ed China’s digital economy had reached more than 27 trillion yuan ($4 trillio n) in 2017, a year-on-year rise of 20.3 percent, accounting for nearly 33 percent of GDP. Lu said the growth rate of the number of people working as new media operators in 2017 was mo re than 10 times that of 2013. The growth comes as more consumers turn from mass media to new me dia, which provides more information, is faster, has a more diversified presentation and cheaper cost. Algorithm engineers, in particular, grew at exponential rates. More than fi ve times as many people worked as algorithm engineers in 2017Read More →