Core tip:On January 28, 2019, longyan city intermediate people’s court in accordance with the law, public hearing the defendant high sun intentional homicide, of endangering public security with dangerous method, and made the first-instance judgment, in acco rdance with the high sun sentenced the defendant to death, deprived of political rights for life.   On January 28, 2019, longyan city intermediate people’s court in accordance wi th the law, public hearing the defendant high sun intentional homi cide, of endangering public security with dangerous method, and made the first-instance judgment, in accordance w ith the high sun sentenced the defendant to death, deprived of political rightsRead More →

  According to the reports of sina science and technology, at noon on January 28 th, lenovo CEO Yang yuanqing appeared in the company canteen, wore a white coat and wearing a chef hat, he played a chef for the employees in the canteen side dishes, posture is very low.   Yang yuanqing, a face of serious side dish for the empl oyees, to know in Forbes’ 2017 Chinese CEO pay charts, Yang yuanqing on $156 million annual salary at the top.Billionaire side dish for ordinary staff, it is hard to imagine!   As a chef by Yang yuanqing, lenovo employees gathered   Yang yuanqing, lenovo company canteen chefRead More →

(the original title: 30000 pieces of online shopping “lamborghini” luxury dream round Just sent) on the Owns a luxury car is a lot of people yearning.And in order to round own dream, jingz hou has an ultra running fan, in the online purchase a fake “lamborghini”, and head h eld high on the road again.Don’t ChengXiang and car is just out, was stopped by traffic police to the emergency. Look from the appearance, the “lamborghini” is very cool, but it is smaller t han real car obviously a number.When the police asked the car drivers to accept checks, but the driver delay half a day,Read More →

Beijing, Beijing January 28 January 28th in the morning (Beijing time, west re-schedul ed week 21 rounds of real Madrid away against Spain.This jersey immediately play a brace, bell as a su bstitute, he dyed red inside, finally ten people’s 4-2 victory over real Madrid Spain. 2 minutes in the first half, pooh Theseus cut inside the left goa l was saved in the terminal.3 minutes, luka modric were ki lled all the way down to the outside instep shot was saved, karim benzema in front of the break, real Madrid took the l ead.14 minutes, periphery long-range cross box is blocked out the bottomRead More →

Mr.zhang qihuai Beijing lanpeng law firm lawyers in accordance with law, accepts The commission of The sun, on January 27, 2019, The British Sunday Times The Su nday Times on sun in violation of The regulations on The world anti-doping inaccurate reports, face a lifetime ban formally lawyer statement is as follows: Sun data figure photography: ping Late on September 4, 2018, three IDTM company staff to sun shelter to race against the doping test, the whole ins pection process there are a number of irregularities: first, including blood test officer, urinalysis officer, three workers ar e unable to provide IDTM company for the inspectionRead More →

  Taiyuan in Shanxi Province, a take-awa y brother ride electric vehicles on the road on th e retrograde, crashed into a BMW, but the next scene jaw-dropping.   Photo: wang   After the police arrived at the judgement is take-out little elder brother solely, and undoubtedly, righteousness and BMW owner understanding take-away little brother hard, active offered to pay for repair, such as take-away little elder brother only apologize to apologize.   But unexpectedly, take-away little brother refuses to bow to admit, even if the traffic police angrily rejected rep eatedly refused to apologize, it was not until the last admits that he is wrong, but far fromRead More →

Reported according to Hong Kong’s da gong bao, recently, the British a draft law against domestic violence officially be submitted to the parliament, the draft Data figure Wang drawing ister, Teresa mei in February 2017 for the first time put forward the government’s definition of domestic viol ence, which covers the control and manipulate the physical violence, and economic abuse. Defined in the draft, “domestic violence” is no longer limited to verbal and phy sical violence, psychological oppression and threats within the category of “control of individual beh avior to obtain, use, and hold the economic resources” belong to “economic abuse”. Control, for example, ifRead More →

Yang managed a couple with a son away to the police.MiaoZhiYong perturbation Beijing, chengdu on January 26 (MiaoZhiYong) in the home busy preparing bazhong, sichuan province b azhou area residents Yang is a special purchases, if so-and-so couples who didn’t dream of, been abducted son of 18 ye ars “trafficking” under the bazhou district public security bureau police escort, a few days ago appeared in front o f his life.18 years of loss of a child and long for, meet in the moment, Yang shed tea rs of excitement for some couples, holding the son for a long time not loosen. 10 PM on JanuaryRead More →

On January 25, Beijing time, CBA 35 normal round of the regular season, final ly at home 118-116 in xinjiang narrowly beat zhejiang condensed state Banks. Game, xinjiang small foreign aid Adams play the full 48 minutes, 24 of his two of five of the 15 points, 3 8 ball, hit 12 of 12 free throws, 57 points 5 rebounds, eight assists and steals in xinjiang anchored, can say the stand or fall of Adams performance is directly related to the outcome of the xinjiang and record. As the traditional strong teams of CBA, wasn’t a xinjiang this season, the team only 22-12, CBA leagueRead More →

  Exobiology member of the New Year’s day has just released this month relationship KAI (KAI), and JENNIE was rev ealed today BLACKPINK members have parted, and respond to SM, said “K AI, JENNIE did recently broke up.”YG response also confirmed that two people break up.So far, two public 25 days, split.   KAI with JENNIE was reported on January 1, relationship, the two sides are adm itted in the near future.And, according to people familiar with the KAI with JENNIE recently decided to end the rel ationship, the relationship between the return to the past before the next, break up reason is that they both thinkRead More →