Chinese romance which opened across the country on April 19, has some scenes shot in Paris, including the Notre Dame Cathedral. The film, directed by Huo Jianqi, a renowned figure among China’s “Fifth Gene ration” directors, features supermodel-turned actress Du Juan and actor Chen Xiao. During a recently promotional screening, director Huo says the film examines the meaning of love and marriage. In the movie, there are several scenes featuring the lovebirds shown against the backg round of the Notre Dame Cathedral, which was damaged in a fire on April 15. The film, based on a short story penned by journalist An Dun, the featuresRead More →

Generations of Chinese people growing up between the 1980s and the early 2000s will no doubt share fond collective memories of spending the long after noons of their childhood summer vacations squeezed in front of small TV sets watching their favorite shows. Most people will be able to reel off the names of these productions, which have been broadcast ov er and over again: the historical detective drama The Arbiter, the martial arts saga Legend of the Drago nslayer Sword, the fantasy New Legend of Madame White Snake. You name it, we’ve all seen them. Nevertheless, for the content managers at Youku, one of China’sRead More →

 it belongs to the world. It is rooted in history, but oriented toward the future. It focuses on Asia, Euro pe and Africa, but is open to all partners. It spans different countries and regions, different stages of devel opment, different historical traditions, different cultures and religions, and different customs and lifestyles. It is an initiative for peaceful development and economic cooperation, rather than a geopolitical or military alliance. It is a proces s of open, inclusive and common development, not an exclusionary bloc or a “China club”. It neither differentiates between countries b y ideology nor plays the zero-sum game. Countries are welcome toRead More →

ogy giant Tencent to court and asked for 180,000 yuan in compensation after Tencent us ed nine Visual China Group images without permission, Beijing Youth Daily reported. Tencent said the images involved could also be found on other webs ites, or the company could not prove it had authorization for the photos. The court fina lly ordered Tencent to pay 40,000 yuan to Visual China, the report added. Wang Weiwei, a lawyer from the Beijing Zhongwen Law Firm, sai d, “Mushrooming copyright-related disputes can be acceptable if a stock-ima ge agency, such as Visual China Group, gets authorization for images from copyright owners. “Any litigationRead More →

exposed disordered copyright management by stock-image providers, legal professionals said the increased efforts to protect copyright should be applauded. For example, the National Copyright Administration has launched crackdowns against pira ted works every year, aiming to increase copyright protection through administrative measures. Last year, it took online short videos, audio material, literary articles and music as major target s. It eliminated 1.85 million web links with content that infringed copyright, and confiscated 1.23 million pirated works. Wang, the Beijing lawyer, said he appreciated governme nt attempts to protect copyright, but said such efforts are still insufficient. He called for the country to improve copyright-related lawsRead More →

or of the China Tourism Academy. “Compared to the United States, w here 48 percent of its citizens hold a passport, the figure in China is only around 10 perce nt. It’s estimated that the number of Chinese outbound travelers will reach 230 million in 2030.” A report published by major Chinese travel agency Ctrip showed th at 160 million Chinese people have travel plans during the upcoming four-day May Day hol iday. Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan and Indonesia are the top destinations outside the mainland. Malaysia, which receives around 10 million Chinese tourists annually, began to i ssue e-visas for Chinese in 2017. “TheRead More →

 Mi Store in the eastern European country occupies 200 square meters, offering some 300 products, including smartphones, cameras, speakers, headsets, smart watches, selfie sticks, electri c scooters, smart robotic vacuum cleaners and even casual backpack. “With opening of the flagship store in the country, we are pleased to announce that the Mi fans can purchase the first Xiaomi phones offi cially in Romania,” said Zhang Guoren, Xiaomi authorized representative in Romania. Xiaomi is currently the fourth largest smartph one producer in the world and Romanians have long been familiar with its products.  China’s former world number one Ding Junhui took a 6-3 lead over AnthonyRead More →

ge signal for thunderstorms and yellow signal for heavy rain at 3:36 am. It issued yellow signals for thunderstorms and heavy rain in the districts of Tianhe, Yuexiu and Liwan at 10:16 am. Middle and primary schools and kindergartens i Sanshui district, Foshan city, were closed once the red signal for heavy rain was issued. Qingxin district of Qingyuan city received 57.9 millimeters of rainfall b etween 8:00 am and 9:00 am, according to the provincial meteorological service. China plans to introduce a compensation system for people who report adverse events l inked to preventive vaccinations, according to a draft law under review at theRead More →

Increasing number of countries going digital when reviewing documents An increasing number of countries have tapped into the convenience of e-visas to at tract more tourists from China, the world’s largest source of outbound tourists. According to tourism insiders, the Japanese embassy in Beijing sa id on Thursday during a meeting with local travel agencies that it will launch e-visa serv ices on May 1, allowing applicants to submit their materials online instead of sending paper documents. “The embassy said that e-visa services may be available in consulates in other Chinese cities next year,” said H an Zhisu, co-founder and CEO of, a domeRead More →

applicants, their workload will be greatly lessened,” he said during the Shanghai World Travel Fair on Thursday. Japan Tourism Agency data showed that 8.38 million tourists from the Chinese mainland traveled to Japan in 2018, repre senting year-on-year growth of 13.9 percent and contributing nearly 27 percent of international tourists. China has been the world’s largest source of tourists since 2014, reac hing nearly 150 million last year, according the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. “The market potential remains huge,” said Dai Bin, director of the China Tourism Academy. “Compared to the United S tates, where 48 percent of its citizens hold a passport, theRead More →